• Running Time 128 mins

    A story set in the Prohibition Era and centered around a group of individuals and their dealings in the world of organized crime.

    Starring: Ben Affleck, Elle Fanning, Brendan Gleeson.

    Fri to Thu:
    2:20PM, 4:15PM, 6:45PM

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  • Running Time 116 mins

    When 12 mysterious spacecraft appear around the world, linguistics professor Louise Banks is tasked with interpreting the language of the apparent alien visitors.

    Starring: Amy Adams, Jeremy Renner, Forest Whitaker

    4:10PM, 6:55PM, 9:05PM
    Sat to Sun: 6:55PM, 9:05PM
    Mon to Thu: 4:10PM, 6:55PM, 9:05PM

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  • Running Time 115 mins

    A handsome warlord, Taari (Tope Tedela) is fast transitioning into a wolf due to the curse of the dogs that has been placed on him. He must immediately find the cure to this curse or be forever damned.

    Starring: Gabriel Afolayan, Tope Tedela, Omowunmi Dada, Mike Adbul, Toyin Alausa, Bimbo Manuel, Segun Dada

    Fri to Thu:
    10:00AM, 12:10PM, 6:25PM

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  • Running Time 139 mins

    WWII American Army Medic Desmond T. Doss, who served during the Battle of Okinawa, refuses to kill people, and becomes the first man in American history to receive the Medal of Honor without firing a shot.

    Starring: Andrew Garfield, Sam Worthington, Luke Bracey

    Fri to Thu: 2:10PM, 8:35PM

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  • Running Time 111 mins
    WHY HIM ?

    A holiday gathering threatens to go off the rails when Ned Fleming realizes that his daughter's Silicon Valley billionaire boyfriend is about to pop the question.

    Starring: Zoey Deutch, James Franco, Tangie Ambrose

    Fri to Thu:  10:00AM, 12:05PM

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  • Running Time 97 mins

    Retreating from life after a tragedy, a man questions the universe by writing to Love, Time and Death. Receiving unexpected answers, he begins to see how these things interlock and how even loss can reveal moments of meaning and beauty.

    Starring: Will Smith, Edward Norton, Kate Winslet

    Fri to Sat: 10:00AM, 2:20PM, 9:15PM
    Sun: 2:20PM, 9:15PM
    Mon to Thu: 10:00AM, 2:20PM, 9:15PM

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  • Running Time 115 mins

    When Callum Lynch Explores The Memories Of His Ancestor Aguilar And Gains The Skills Of A Master Assassin, He Discovers He Is A Descendant Of The Secret Assassins Society.

    Starring: Michael Fassbender, Marion Cotillard, Jeremy Irons

    Fri to Thu: 4:45PM

    Rated TBC - Filmhouse Cinemas    BOOK NOW   

  • Running Time 116 mins

    A spacecraft traveling to a distant colony planet and transporting thousands of people has a malfunction in its sleep chambers. As a result, two passengers are awakened 90 years early.

    Starring: Jennifer Lawrence, Chris Pratt, Michael Sheen

    Fri to Thu: 12:10PM

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  • Running Time 105 mins

    Set in Lagos, Nigeria, ‘The Wedding Party’ is the story of Dunni Coker (Adesua Etomi), a 24 year old art gallery owner and only daughter of her parents about to marry the love of her life, IT entrepreneur Dozie (Banky W). The couple took a vow of chastity and is looking forward to a ground-breaking first night together as a married couple.

    Starring: Alibaba Akporobome, Zainab Balogun, Daniella Down, Iretiola Doyle, Emmanuel Edunjobi, Adesua Etomi, Kunle Idowu, Ayo Makun, Richard Mofe-Damijo, Beverly Naya, Enyinna Nwigwe, Ikechukwu Onunaku, Sola Sobowale, Banky W.

    Fri to Thu:
    4:45PM, 6:45PM, 8:45PM

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  • Running Time 100 mins
    3 WISE MEN

    After many years of service in different government parastatals, the three aged men are retired and they all settled in a suburb to enjoy their retirement benefits. How they decide to spend this retirement money remains highly humorous and dramatic.

    Starring: Richard Mofe Damijo, ZacK Orji, Tina Mba, Ebele Okaro, victor Olaotan

    Fri to Thu: 2:15PM

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  • Running Time 115 mins

    A Young Woman Uses Her Navigational Talents To Set Sail For A Fabled Island. Joining Her On The Adventure Is Her Hero, The Legendary Demi-God Maui.

    Starring: Auli'i Cravalho, Dwayne Johnson, Rachel House

    Fri: 10:00AM, 12:10PM
    Sat to Sun: 10:00AM, 12:10PM, 4:10PM

    Mon to Thu: 10:00AM, 12:10PM
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